Sporty outings suggestions

Sporty Outings Suggestions-Review

By: Shravan Sud Slip, Slide, Jump & Roll: Changing the definition of Casual sports in Mumbai! Tired of the same old movie, dinner and clubbing scene over the weekend? This time, try one of the quirky and refreshing sporty outings from our list! SOAPY FOOTBALL The idea is to not only to play a game, but to have a unique experience while playing,” says Sushil … Continue reading Sporty Outings Suggestions-Review

2018 Latest Fitness Trends, Fitness, exercise

REVIEW: Five fitness trends that are a highlight of 2018 

By: Simran Punjabi Here are the top 5 fitness trends of 2018, according to the pros—and what you need to know about each one. 1. High-Intensity Interval Training High-intensity interval training (or HIIT) took the top spot in this year’s survey. A HIIT training session involves bursts of maximum-effort, very hard work (typically about 20 to 90 seconds), followed by a period of low-intensity recovery. The goal is … Continue reading REVIEW: Five fitness trends that are a highlight of 2018 

Reputation Album Review - Taylor Swift

Reputation-Music Album: Review

By: Siddhant Aurora Taylor Swift: Reputation Some versions of the sixth Taylor Swift album come complete with a sleeve note, penned by the 27-year-old singer-songwriter. It opens with some general thoughts on social media: the rumors that abound on it are not always true, the images people present of themselves there not always reflective of reality. Then it moves on to the pressures of life … Continue reading Reputation-Music Album: Review

Unconventional Fitness Trend - Animal Flow


By: Simran Punjabi Equinox Fitness Trainer Mike Fitch was your typical fitness buff. Lifted weights for years, suffered his share of muscle pulls and injuries, and got burned out on the grind of moving iron around. After hanging it up for a while because he felt so crappy from the limitations of the typical weight machines found in most gyms, he stumbled upon an ancient … Continue reading REVIEW: UNCONVENTIONAL FITNESS TREND-ANIMAL FLOW 

Fun O Factory Review

Fun O Factory, R City Mall : REVIEW

By: Shravan Sud Ever look at a bouncy at a kid’s birthday party and feel like jumping higher than the sky just one more time? Well let the inner child in you unleash with R City Mall’s FUN O FACTORY. The place is covered with 24 adult trampolines and a foam pit to swing and fall into. The trampolines are aligned horizontally and vertically both, so you … Continue reading Fun O Factory, R City Mall : REVIEW

Keto Diet Review

REVIEW-Keto Diet: Is it worth it?

By: Siddhant Aurora People are always finding the “best” way to lose weight, hence the wide variety of diets we have available to us. There’s juice clenses, the blood type diet, cabbage soup diet, and more. Now, another diet, or as people like to call it now, lifestyle, is emerging called keto, which is very comparable to the popular 1970’s Atkins diet. Keto requires you to severely limit your … Continue reading REVIEW-Keto Diet: Is it worth it?

The Canvas Laugh Club Review

REVIEW: Canvas Laugh Club, Palladium

By: Shravan Sud Originating from UK’s Comedy Store setting up in India which was serving live comedy in Palladium for 33 years, comes The Canvas Laugh Club. Housing best of the best comedians from around the country, Aditi Mittal, Jeeveshu, Abhishek Mathew and Atul Khatri are just a few of the names to watch out for. To get a taste of the adventure you were … Continue reading REVIEW: Canvas Laugh Club, Palladium

Durshet Forest Lodge Review

REVIEW: Durshet Forest Lodge

By: Simran Jaisinghani Durshet Forest Lodge is a trekking site located 3.5 hours from Mumbai and it is a gorgeous place for a weekend getaway.  The place has cottages and dormitories to stay. The staff organizes a guide for you who takes you on a trek along with your group and they also have a lot of activities and games of your interest. Zip line, … Continue reading REVIEW: Durshet Forest Lodge